Designing a voice operated intelligent fire

Technology/idea rf robot can also be used as fire extinguisher ie it sprinkles water on to fire rf is a frequency or rate of oscillation within the range of 3hz -300ghz the rf modules used here are stt-433 mhz transmitter, str - 433 mhz receiver, ht12e rf encoder and ht12d rf decoder. These project ideas include some interesting concepts like line follower robot, bomb detection robot, fire fighting robot, dtmf based mobile phone controlled robot voice operated intelligent elevator: the idea of this project is to design a voice controlled intelligent elevator which uses speech recognition technology to. Title: voice operated intelligent fire extinguisher robot area of investigation and programming language • micro controllers • speech recognition module • wireless transceiver module • obstacle detector background of the study the project aims at designing an intelligent voice. This general requirement is clearly reflected in local and national standards governing fire detection system designs traditionally, attempts at reducing the simplex 4100es 19&& 1hwzrun 9rlfh command centre emergency voice/alarm transponders fire alarm networks 6lpsoh[ )luh $odup. With the simple push of a button, tell alfie what you need, and let it shop for you with nearly unlimited access to a comprehensive market of goods, alfie will personalize the experience and carefully shop, suggest, and fetch you all the merchandise and goods you normally shop for online or in-stores alfie makes it easy and.

Amazon echo is a brand of smart speakers developed by amazoncom the devices connect to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service alexa, which responds to the name alexa this wake word can be changed by the user to amazon, echo or computer the device is capable of voice interaction,. Keywords-transmitter, receiver, speech recognition system visual basic, microsoft speech sdk 51 i introduction the project aims at designing an intelligent voice operated fire extinguishing robotic vehicle which can be controlled wirelessly through rf communication the robotic vehicle has a camera mounted. Which enables the user to give voice commands to control the system and perform various operations the proposed work can despite being voice controlled this system ensures a greater safety to the public as a whole this is because of the use of varun kaushik, voice operated intelligent fire extinguisher vehicle.

Voice activated data entry is particularly useful in many situations, such as medical applications, where hands and to create high-tech amenities ( intelligent houses, cars, etc), as well by adding voice as along this text, we intend to show how these applications work what designers should have to do applications with. Pc based intelligent fire extinguisher vehicle introduction: the project aims at designing a “fire extinguishing robotic vehicle” which can be controlled by computer the whole system of this project consists of the following: micro- controllers computer software wireless transceiver modules on both. Voice operated intelligent fire extinguisher vehicle 2 autonomous design and implementation of multi-sensor based autonomous minesweeping robot 27 head motion controlled power wheelchair 28 automated voice based home navigation system for the elderly and the physically challenged 29 unwanted. Msp430 voice operated intelligent fire extinguisher vehicle using easy vr module to view more click intelligent.

There are more than 30,000 fire departments in the united states and almost as many operating procedures for fighting fires design models or blueprints about the architecture, materials, and utilities, and details on fire-related building sensors and “intelligent building response,” fire protection engineering, no 33. An intelligent fire detection and mitigation system safe from fire (sff) md iftekharul mobin1, md abid-ar-rafi2, md neamul islam3, and md rifat hasan4 abstract safe from fire (sff) is an intelligent self controlled smart fire ex- tinguisher system tives to arduino board for hardware prototype system design such. Voice message announcement at multi points for 70sec using rf voice operated fire extinguisher vehicles with water jet spray voice operated guidance systems for vision impaired people voice operated intelligent lift or elevator.

Intelligent design & construction concepts a smart comm platform life/ safety and security building automation data voice video fire alarm access control hvac control electricity elevators control data realcomm advisory: behind the headlines at ave maria university: intelligent building systems. [1] design of intelligent fire extinguishing system of interior large space”-e- product e-service and e-entertainment (iceee), 2010 international conference [2] voice operated intelligent fire extinguisher vehicle, march 29, 2013 [3] “ wireless intelligent fire fighting systems software platform r&d”- internet of things. The points to be considered are intended to highlight the variables which can exist and need to be considered whilst designing and compiling a specification for component parts it is not the object of analogue addressable fire alarm systems are often known as intelligent fire alarm systems there are.

Designing a voice operated intelligent fire

Operated intelligent fire extinguisher vehicle in international journal of emerging trends in electrical and electronics (ijetee) this paper demonstrates the design and implementation of voice operated fire extinguishing vehicle the vehicle is controlled through speech input by operator the language. Keywords: ir sensor thermistor sensor gas sensor microcontroller speech recognition system interface i introduction the project aims at designing a cost- effective intelligent, voice operated and automatic fire extinguishing robotic vehicle which can be controlled wirelessly through ir communication.

  • Design of an intelligent voice controlled home automation system sonali sen, shamik chakrabarty, raghav toshniwal, ankita bhaumik department of computer science st xavier's college, kolkata abstract automation is a trending topic in the 21st century making it play an important role in our daily lives.
  • People know that they need to evacuate, however, what do they do if their chosen path of egress is the area with the fire voice evacuation systems allow for a controlled evacuation as people may be given clear and concise directions of where to evacuate intelligent fire alarm systems combined with a voice evacuation.
  • Mechanical engineering, manufacturing and automation technologies: intelligent fire-fighting robot based on a microcontroller the real-time control system design of manipulator of multiple degrees of freedom p213 the poultry voice classification model based on emd and support vector machine p217.

Robotics projects on line following, metal detecting, obstacle avoidance, rf controlled, spying, fire fighting, touch screen based, auto metro train speech recognition robot with ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system touch screen controlled intelligent robot voice operated intelligent fire extinguisher vehicle. Voice operated intelligent lift or elevator set- bluetooth projects set-12 bluetooth based design of intelligent home appliance control system based on arm and zigbee (2012) set-607 a wifi based smart set-499 fire detection based on image processing with wireless video camera set-500. The project aims at designing an intelligent live video feedback voice operated fire extinguishing robotic vehicle which can be controlled wirelessly ii literature survey boo siew khoo etal [1] presents an automated fire extinguishing robot (firedroid) which can detect flame and extinguish the flame when fire occurs.

designing a voice operated intelligent fire They have used the concept of speech recognition algorithm and algorithms that worn for the command of the users implementation of the embedded system design for controlling automobile peripherals automatically through voice voice operated intelligent fire extinguishing vehicle 2015 international conference.
Designing a voice operated intelligent fire
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